• Your products are unique, the way you create them is unique, we develop adapted and unique solutions for you. We are pragmatic and efficient in our approach to developing quality Product Lifecyle Management solutions.

  • No more monolithic, slow, high risk IT projects. We are a part of your team and collaborate with you to provide innovative solutions. We develop components quickly and work in a parallel and iterative way.

  • Our components extend and enhance Windchill features with a limited number of touch points. We avoid out-of-the-box modifications, and implement low impact and mininal footprint customizations. Our unique modular architecture allows us to quickly develop, update and deliver features.

  • We understand PLM and use this knowledge to help you build efficient business processes, adapted to your product development methodoly.

  • We make your engineers productive by providing tailored solutions for CAD data management, ensuring consistency whilst enabling creativity.


Keep your data under control: Watermarking solutions

Whilst your data is inside Windchill it is protected by access control rules, but once it escapes into the wild it becomes uncontrolled. The most common escape route is 2D documents, such as drawings and PDFs.

It is possible to watermark these by using editing tools, such as Creo view, but this is manual human process so why not mark this wild data automatically? This is the reason Wincom has created its watermarking apps.

With our Watermarking solutions you will only need 5 mins to install and your wild documents can be tamed.

Check our demo video.

About us

A software development company specialized in PTC’s Windchill® systems, such as PDMLink™, ProjectLink™, FlexPLM™, Arbortext™, and Intralink™. We have over 20 years experience in PLM and Windchill® and over 30 international clients in sectors from Aerospace to Luxury Goods.

We have built an environment that allows us to manage a unique Software-to-Order business model, making more than 5 customer deliveries a week

"286 Separate Apps, delivered for 80 Customers, in 15 Countries, on 12 Versions of Windchill®"

Watermarking solutions

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