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Working with Wincom


Engagement Process

Over many years we have created some very efficient working practices with our clients and partners. We work directly with clients or via PTC’s VARs across the world. We are expert Windchill coders and have a great deal of experience in enhancing PDMLink and other Windchill implementations to our customer requirements. In this article we explain how a typical engagement works and how we interact with our customers

Requirements & Initial Engagement

Light BulbCustomers often have a clear idea of what they requirement is, but not always a clear idea of how to solve it. We are a open and will talk to the clients about their needs without any pressure or commitment;  sometimes this takes the form of an email, or a quick skype chat or a message via social media. Sometimes we can just give some advice that can solve the issue via some standard out-of-the-box mechanism but otherwise it may require some extension or new feature to the system to be considered. At this point we can start to propose some potential solutions, perhaps some workflow robots or some minor improvements to the UI, or it may be a complex customization. All of this is free of charge and is often very informal and takes the form of some screen sharing and chats, however we have a great deal of experience and often this is enough for us to form a very accurate idea of a potential solution to the requirement.

Technical and Commercial Proposal

ProposalOnce we have a clear idea of the requirement we can provide a simple and clear fixed price quotation, that explains the approach we will take, the timescales involved and the precise cost. A typical engagement is from 2 to 10 days. The price is fixed and includes the Wincom component management features (easy installation, logging, full documentation) and full support.


DeliveryWe and our customers are human, so there will be issues and problems to correct, however as we have a great deal of experience these are often very minor and often come from a misunderstanding or a missing element to the requirement. We expect changes, and provide changes often within a few hours. It may take a number of release to happen before we complete the code to the highest standards and make sure it is not only working to the original requirement, but does the work efficiently and with an easy to use interface.


SupportWe provide six months of full support on all new code. This is unconditional and we provide a complete framework that allows our users to analyse the exact behavior of the component and send any relevant data to diagnose problems. We will assist in verifying the potential issue and if required provide a code correction; typically this is within 1 or 2 working days.

Programming Support

Some clients require programming support, they are often expert Windchill administrators and workflow designers but require a few hours work to allow them to add code to their systems. A Windchill programmer takes over 6 months to train, it makes both economic and technical sense for clients to use our expert Windchill programmers to write code, such as workflow robots, in a quick and supportable way. A note on our daily rate, this does not include any setup or learning activities. It is a conceptual idea of what a fully prepared and expert programmer should achieve in 8 hours. It also includes testing, delivery and 6 months warranty e.g. Issue checking and if required fixes

Case Study

A client contacted us as they wanted to add new dispositions to the User Interface and Database of PDMLink. This is a PTC supported customization but requires significant Java Windchill skills to update 4 user interfaces and add the data configuration. We recieved a simple explanation from the client with a mockup screenshot, we created a proposal the next day and were given the go-ahead a few days later. The new component was delivered in 2 weeks and included full documentation. The client had his new dispostions available on his system the following day. We have references from satisfied clients from across the world.