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Wincom Translate


Adds new features to assist with translating an Arbortext document.
This is a complete solution to translating and managing translations.


New interfaces on standard PDMLink to manage  the end-to-end process of creating new arbortext structures for each language to be translated. Then to manage the process of exporting all or part of these new structures to be sent to the translators, and then managing the importing of the new translations. This component provides a clear and easy to use interface to manage the translation process.

  • Create new translations
  • Create translation packages
  • Import and export of packages
  • Instant view of the status of multi-language translations
  • Manage the incremental change of translations
  • Display the XML of the document directly in the browser


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New translation UI
Create translations
Create packages
Export the items to be translated
Manage translations
Show XML content