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Wincom Secure Content


The new Wincom secure content server has been released. This server is embedded into the standard Windchill server and allows the conversion of standard CAD data into a secure format. What is secure content? Most CAD data is now created in a 3D format however in many cases the CAD data is distributed across the organisation as 2D drawings. These drawings contain vital IP and must be protected, a classic protection mechanism is watermarking, however vector drawings contain easy to copy information, so the files need also to be converted into a more secure format such as PDF or raster format.


This server provides new features to support creating secure content

  • Conversion of HPGL to JPG
  • Conversion of representations to watermarked JPG
  • Embedded into the standard interface
  • On-demand watermarking of PDF
  • Configurable watermarking
  • On-demand watermaking, no background processing
  • No heavy administration and no heavy server load
  • Personalised watermark e.g. User name and date downloaded

User Interface

The server alters the user interface behaviour so the administrator may determine which user will view the drawing in product view and which will use the secure server that will serve a raster watermarked image to the user.

Example output

This is a real example of a watermark applied by the server
Watermarked Drawing