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Wincom Revise Request



An app which uses the promotion as a vehicle to request a new revision for a set of objects. Supports the collector.


Wincom Request Revise for Windchill® PDMLink™. Revising items can be done via the change process or directly through the standard interface, however some implementations do not use the out-of-the-box change processes and in these cases we need a “lite” revise process. With this component we use the promotion concepts and re-use this to enable us to create a “Revise Promotion”, however in this case we do not change the state of the objects but revise them.


This Windchill extension ensures that users cannot revise objects at will, but does allow them to request the revision of a number of objects. This request is then managed by a custom promotion and specialized workflow that sends the request to a designated user to approve the request, once approved the objects are automatically revised (using the identity of the requester) and the requester is sent a confirmation.

  • Allows only authorized revise of items
  • Any user can request a number of objects to be revised
  • Fully integrated with the collector and validators
  • Workflow can be customized to users requirement
  • The approver can select the target revision
  • Includes a library of useful workflow robots
  • Quick and easy to install and use


New revise request menu

New revise request process

Revise promotion target

New revision request version


Windchill® PDMLink™ 10.x

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