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Wincom Printer


A unique idea, that allows users to ‘print’ from any application to Windchill. Usages include PDF markup and creating Problem Reports directly from any Windows application.


Wincom Portal
The Wincom Printer app provides a PDF virtual printer for Windows coupled with a Windchill Webservice, allowing to “Print” PDF files directly to Windchill from any Windows application.
If this printer is used a new document will be created in Windchill containing the pdf version of the file, and custom workflows will automatically process the document to, for example, add representations such as markups or create Problem Reports. The users can create custom workflows to manage

Use Case – Problem Report
A email arrives with a problem on a part detailed with some images and text, the user then “prints” the email to PDMLink. The email is converted to PDF and created as a document in Windchill, it automatically starts a workflow that creates a new Problem Report with the email PDF as an attachment.

Problem Report

Use Case – PDF Markup
User opens a PDF directly from a Windchill using a 3rd Party Mark Up tool and markups the PDF. User then “prints” the markup back to Windchill. The markup is automatically added to the original drawing as a representation

Markup PDF


  • Works with any Windows application
  • User can install in minutes
  • Appears like any other Windows printer
  • Creates PDF documents directly in Windchill
  • Includes workflows to create representations and PRs
  • Usages include PDF markup and Problem Report creation
  • Supports custom workflows


PDMLink 10.X