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Wincom Drawing Search


This component adds extended search features to PDMLink Windchill, which are available to all users from a new search window on the main page.

Drawing Search Access

This component includes the PDF Tools component to access the new quck PDF column.


This is a new, always present, search box to search for Documents and CAD Document that match specific criteria enabled by preferences. The search and will search the “Number” and “Name” attributes using wildcards.

Search Algorithm

The search algothim searches number and name and can accept the * parameter indicating a woldcard. If no * is entered ths system will automatically add a prefix and suffix of a *.
The search is not case sensitive by default but can be adjust using properties.
The search box will restrict the users to searches of 3 or more characters only.

Search Results

The search results are displayed in the left hand navigator window following the standard searching convention of PDMLink.


By default the PDF Quick Access column is displayed.

Revision View Selector

This new control will toggle between the latest and all revisions mode.

The new feature to choose the all or only latest revisions


Both the standard search view and this new view adds an addition column to the view configuration. This component can be configured to support STEP, DXF, IGES, and PDF


Note: the Wincom Flexible Light search is another search offering from Wincom which is a powerful configurable search engine, which replaces the now retired WindAccess.

Please contact us to request evaluation version.