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Going mobile….Safely

Just in case you have not noticed, the world has gone mobile crazy. Mobile apps are now key business tools and Engineering is no exception. This raises an important problem: mobile by definition means that your data is going mobile; but how do we protect the Intellectual

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PLM and ERP: Getting them Together

There is a relationship between PLM and ERP and therefore a need to integrate the two systems; at Wincom we create 4 or 5 of these integrations every year. I’d like to share our experiences with you. ERP is all about efficiency, using the resources of the

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Apps, the future of PLM?

How can the extended enterprise leverage PLM? These are real questions from real customers we have been asked in the last year. – Our service engineers on site in Africa need to see the latest drawings. – The shop floor needs easy access to the latest process

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Change Lite

Take a look at the EAP Search last improvements!