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Wincom Manufacturing Concept

Wincom Manufacturing Concept

Wincom ManufacturingWe have begun work on a new component, it is designed to improve the visibility of the MPMLink manufacturing data. We know many clients have a critical need to transform and manage the eBoM to mBoM process, and often use MPMLink for this. However as an old style applet it suffers from various usability and performance issues and although most customers agree on the underlying concept, the issue is with the implementation.

We are just started to analyze the data model and added new interfaces to expose this data in the standard PDMLink interface and are planning other tools to eventually assist in the BoM management itself.

eBom to mBoM

eBoM to mBoM view


mBoM to eBoM view

If you are interested in this project we are looking for interested parties to help us define the scope and are also looking for beta testers.