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Wincom App Manager installation

The Wincom Manager needs to be installed on the target Windchill System, to allow the Site Admin to install and update Wincom components.

Download the manager

Access the Wincom App Cloud and download the app manager to your Windchill server

App Manager

Install the Manager

  1. Uncompress the file InstallerAppManager_RXX_VVV.zip in a temporary area on your server
    (Where XX corresponds to your Windchill release and VVV to the Component Manager version).
  2. Depending on your system, execute setup.sh (unix) or setup.cmd (windows)
  3. Follow the on screen installer instructions
  4. Note, the installer will ask you to stop your Windchill servers

Component Manager Installer 1

Comp Manager Installer 2


Q. Installer fails to start

A. The server must have the WT_HOME environment variable set to the Windchill installation directory e.g. c:\ptc\Windchill. See this article from Microsoft to set a variable for a Windows server

Q. What does the installer do?

A. It adds a new menu to the “site” area within Windchill that allows the administrator to install new Wincom Apps