Our 50+ off-the-shelf apps cover the more common Windchill gaps: Publishing, watermarking, exporting representations or simply adding a quick access to your PDF files are examples of what our apps do. The app strategy allows you to extend your system and adapt it to your form, fit and function.

Our apps are componentized: Each app does one thing and does it well! They are self-contained: each app is delivered with their libraries, documentation, etc: each app looks after itself.
The Wincom apps are easy to install, deploy and uninstall. As any Wincom solution, they are supported through their whole lifecycle.

Check out the Wincom App Center to explore our app offer.
You can request an evaluation and install it very easily on your system. Try it for yourself!

Custom solutions

Your products are unique, the way you create them is unique: we develop adapted and unique solutions for you. Our solutions have industrial strength, are easy to install and deploy on your systems and are supported through their whole lifecycle.

Build to order solutions

The Wincom build to order solutions cover all the specific customer’s needs that are not met by an Out-Of-the-Box solution. We design tailored solutions that cover these gaps to increase your efficiency, improve the quality of your design process, reduce your risks.

We follow engineering principles: our apps can be assembled to order, configured to order and Engineered to order. We produce an ecosystem of apps built on a Bill Of Materials model that, altogether, provide you the perfect solution.
If you can describe it, we can build it!


A closer loop between Design and Manufacturing is often the key strategy to improve efficiency and quality. The marriage between ERP and PLM is therefore an essential piece.

The most important factor to a successful relationship is communication, and every relationship have their unique way of communicating. That is why in Wincom we provide integration solutions that are completely tailored to our customer’s specific needs: we never use generic middleware but a “haute-couture” approach that adapts to your systems, your business processes, your data.

We integrated Windchill with most of the ERP systems on the market: SAP, Agile, Oracle, Costpoint… Our motto: start small and scale up.

Interested? Contact us and explain your use case: we can build any integration for you.

Legacy recovery

if you are using your PLM system for many years, it is likely that you have some unsupported customizations that are always difficult and expensive to support, maintain, upgrade. This is what we call the Zombies in the closet.

We have been developing a full methodology to containerize and eventually refactor unsupported code so that it can be integrated within the Wincom framework and supported through its whole lifecycle. Our methodology consists in:

  • Decomposition: Breaking monolithic code
  • Applying regular coding standards with automated tools and removing duplicates
  • Agile iterative methodology and delivery in stages
  • Monitoring and improving performance with specific tools and methods
Upgrading and maintaining is no longer your problem, it is ours. This reduces risks on your systems and help you manage your Cost of Ownership

External and Hybrid solutions

Not all PLM users are engineers: Management, Shopfloor, etc. need also to access and interact with PLM data in a simple, efficient way. Wincom’s External and Hybrid solutions are designed to provide to these users the data they need in a clear and user-friendly interface.

External App Platform

The Wincom External App Platform (EAP) dynamically accesses data from your enterprise systems and displays them in a simplified user interface. Several modules are already available, but we regularly build custom modules or configure to order our existing ones to adapt it to our customer’s demand. Some examples of our out-of-the-box modules and their use case:


Visualize your data in graphs and tabs in a user friendly, dynamic, configurable interface.


Explore your structures easily. Apply filters and facets to pivot the tables.


Instantly visualize your structures. Easily access information as: where used, CNs, reports…


Import data from an Excel spreadsheet and send it to your Windchill target system

Publish Monitor

Informs you about the status of your Publish jobs.

You can’t see your use case here? Describe it to us and we will build a new module for you!

3D Stack

Wincom provides a wide scale of solutions for your PLM. What about your CAD data?

To display your CAD models in an external webpage, Wincom developed the fastest engine on the market: the Wincom 3D Stack. CAD models with 100K+ parts are loaded in seconds thanks to our highly performant optimization engine.

  • What are the uses cases?
  • Online Service Parts ordering
  • Online Sales configurator
  • Showcasing your models to your customers…
Tell us about your use case and we will build a solution for you!