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Legacy Recovery

We offer customized solutions to make your Windchill experience simple and efficient. We can reduce complex processes down to a few clicks and completely adapt Windchill to your specific needs.

We deliver our solutions through the cloud or on premise for high security companies, but in either case there is no need to wait for a “go live” event to implement the changes – they download, install and uninstall without having to restart Windchill

Plug and Play

No more waiting for “go live”
to launch new enhancements

Fully Supported

Maintenance through
the whole life cycle

Fill your Windchill gaps

Simplify the complex


Before spending your resources on customizations and support, check out the already built and standardized products we offer. All of these products can be slightly modified for a perfect fit into your system.



The Wincom custom solutions cover all the specific customer’s needs that are not met by Off-the-shelf extensions and applications. We design tailored solutions that cover these gaps to increase your efficiency, improve the quality of your design process, and reduce company risks.

We follow engineering principles: our apps can be assembled to order, configured to order and Engineered to order. We produce an ecosystem of apps built on a Bill Of Materials model that, altogether, provide you the perfect solution.


A closer loop between Design and Manufacturing is often the key strategy to improve efficiency and quality. The marriage between ERP and PLM is therefore an essential piece.

Our motto is start small and scale up. Wincom provides integration solutions that are completely tailored to our customer’s specific needs: we never use generic middleware but a “haute-couture” approach that adapts to your systems, your business processes and your data.

We integrated Windchill with most of the ERP systems on the market: SAP, Agile, Oracle, Costpoint.

Legacy recovery

If you have been using your PLM system for many years, it is likely that you have some unsupported customizations that are always difficult and expensive to support, maintain, and upgrade. This is what we call the zombies in the closet.

We have been developing a full methodology to containerize and eventually refactor unsupported code so that it can be integrated within the Wincom framework and supported through its whole life cycle.

We can help you upgrade and maintain your system and thereby reduce risks and lower the cost of ownership.

Our methodology consists of the following:

  • Decomposition: Breaking monolithic code
  • Applying regular coding standards with automated tools and removing duplicates
  • Agile iterative methodology and delivery in stages
  • Monitoring and improving performance with specific tools and methods