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Training for Windchill®

Training tailored to the client’s needs

Following is a example developer training agenda, but we also provide business administration training and all training course are designed specifically for the requirements of the individual client.


5 day Advanced developer training

  • Windchill programming cannot be learnt from a presentation
  • Based on a hands-on approach
  • I program in front of you and you program in front of me
  • Based on real life examples
  • Intructor is a real developer not a trainer


Day 1 – Windchill Architecture and Coding

  • Discussion on status and plans for Windchill at the client
  • Discussion on current issues and problems
  • A demonstration of a example customization in Windchill
  • A programmers look at the Windchill architecture
  • Environments & basic coding principles
  • Cloning a Windchill system
  • Unit level testing & debugging
  • First look at JSP

Day 2 – Windchill Data Model, API and Queries

  • Windchill UML data model overview
  • A review of the Windchill API
  • Info*Engine introduction
  • Windchill coding techinques
  • Windchill Java to Database mapping
  • Queries and Performance in Windchill
  • Windchill Containers, Soft Types and Attributes

Day 3 – Basic techniques

  • Overview Windchill UI technologies
  • Overview of the implementation of Windchill Links
  • HTML for Windchill
  • Template processing
  • Windchill JSP pages
  • Managing the UI “look and feel”
  • Custom Searching




Day 4 – Advanced techniques

  • Designing a UI for Windchill
  • Using session beans
  • Javascript and JSP
  • Access control and exception handling
  • Updating document content
  • Implementing a listener

Day 5 – Migration & Deployment

  • Designing a customization infrastructure
  • Using ANT to deploy and build customizations
  • Upgrading customizations for new Windchill versions
  • Migrating custom data models
  • General migration strategies