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Wincom Windchill Extensions

Plug and Play

No restart of Windchill required for install and uninstall

Extend your system

Adapt it to your form, fit and function

Filling the gaps

Most common Windchill functions

Publishing / PDF

 Extension NameMediaProduct CodeDescription
Publish UI
PUBUIPublish CAD models from the structure browser
Publish UtilsPUBUTPublish all Parts, CAD documents or drawings
Office PDF Worker
PDFOSWindchill Publisher that converst MS Office to PDF
PRTERPrint from any application to Windchill

Importing /Exporting 

 Extension NameProduct CodeDescription
XML ExportXMLEXExport of a wide range of meta data from business objects and structures
XML ImportXMLIMImport and modify meta data using XML files generated by the XML Export

CAD Management

 Extension NameMediaProduct CodeDescription
CAD Rename
CADREEnsures that any modification on a cad name is propagated on the name and vice versa
BOM Engine
BOMENAllows the comparison of flattened Bill of Materials (BOM)
Change Data LinksWDISPProvides the tools to Modify the columns shown in the affected/resulting objects tables
Revise RequestREVREA custom promotion to revise objects
Change LiteCHALIA lightweight changes UI and process, includes reports


 Extension NameMediaProduct CodeDescription
Report Engine
REPENThe report engine based on Jasper (typically reports quotes separately)
Change reportCHANGEREPA standard change report includes change analysis data
Custom ReportCUSREPNote: Requires change report for change reporting
Report HistoryREPHIScheduling a report to be executed at specified points in time

Security / Regulation

 Extension NameProduct CodeDescription
PPAPPPAPProduction Part Approval Process - presents documentation to External organization for Compliance reasons
Design History FileDESHFProvides actions for creating Design History Files (DHFs) and new tables containing information about them
Secure ContentSECCSProvides capabilities to secure content prior to displaying it to the user
Security Labels UtilitiesSECUTCommand line and APIs to adjust security labels


 Extension NameProduct CodeDescription
Standard WebservicePublish UI

WEBSEA general implementation of generic web services for creating documentation and product structures
MPMLink WebservicePublish UIMPMWSA general implementation of generic web services for creating documentation and product structures

Other Utilities

 Extension NameProduct CodeDescription
Clean UpCLEANVarious tools to investigate and clean Windchill data
Family PartsPRFAMAllows creating family parts in a similar fashion to CAD families
ManufacturingMANUFDisplays and manages the Manufacturing BoM link created by MPMLink
Web DavWDAVView Windchill objects in a Windows directory structure

Windchill External

 Extension NameProduct CodeDescription
Windchill SearchWESRCHAllows for searching thorugh Windchill parts, CADs or change notices. Download content (excluding CAD).
PDF WatermarkWEWMAdds watermark option to the download of the search (requires WESRCH)
PDF Watermark AdvancedWEWMAConfigurable watermarking templates.
PDF Watermark On-Premise ServerWMSERVERThe deployment of a watermark server at the customer site, include upgrades and support (does not include docker pricing)
Report EngineWERENExtension that allows the userr access Report Engine reports (server must have Report Engine)
Data ViewWEDTVAllows for an easy overview of various aspects of Windchill products. Include the Change template
Excel Import DataWEIMPORTAn interface to import Excel data, support SUMA data
EAP PortalWEPTLIn development
Event MonitorWEEVEFull visibility on the events in the background of your Windchill system
Publish ManagerWEPUMUse the EAP Search engine to find publish information
BOM EngineWEBOMAllows the comparison of flattened Bill of Materials (BOM)

Wincom Standalone Applications

 Extension NameMediaProduct CodeDescription
3D Engine
3DENGIn-browser that allow to upload and display any kind of machinery up to 100k parts
Parts Ordering
PTSODIntegrates a machine's part list with3D engine to allow easy visualization and ordering of parts
Sales ConfiguratorSLCONIntuitive UI for creatinf Variant Specifications in Windchill based on configurable modules
Document Content ManagerDCMNGCreate and combine document fragments into templates for easy multilanguage maintability
DataHubDATHBA high-speed searchable repository of documents typically exported from the PLM
Watermarking ServerWTMSVA felxible docker server that contains templates and watermarks on cloud or on prem
Managed Services - Watermarking TemplateWTMDSVCustom design of Cover, Watermark or Trailling sheet according to customer requirements.
Managed Services - Watermarking Template. Pack of 6WTMDSV-PKCustom design of any 6 sheets (Cover, Watermark, Trailing) according to customer requirements. Valid for 2 years.

Wincom Applications

Not all PLM users are engineers: Management, Shopfloor, etc. need also to access and interact with PLM data in a simple, efficient way. Wincom’s External and Hybrid solutions are designed to provide to these users the data they need in a clear and user-friendly interface.

1. External UI

The Wincom External App Platform (EAP) dynamically accesses data from your enterprise systems and displays them in a simplified user interface. Several modules are already available, but we regularly build custom modules or configure to order our existing ones to adapt it to our customer’s demand. Some examples of our out-of-the-box modules and their use case:


Visualize your data in graphs and tabs in a user friendly, dynamic, configurable interface.


Explore your structures easily. Apply filters and facets to pivot the tables.


Instantly visualize your structures. Easily access information as: where used, CNs, reports…


Import data from an Excel spreadsheet and send it to your Windchill target system

Publish Monitor

Informs you about the status of your Publish jobs.

You can’t see your use case here? Describe it to us and we will build a new module for you!

2. Wincom Standalone Applications

These applications run independently of any other systems and users of these applications do not require 3rd party licenses. 

3D In-Browser Engine

Wincom provides a wide scale of solutions for your PLM. What about your CAD data?

To display your CAD models in an external webpage, Wincom developed the fastest engine on the market: the Wincom 3D Stack. CAD models with 100K+ parts are loaded in seconds thanks to our highly performant optimization engine.

  • What are the uses cases?
  • Online Service Parts ordering
  • Online Sales configurator
  • Showcasing your models to your customers…
Contact us to request a trial of 3d engine!