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Workflow Analysis and Export Tools


These tools provide both important management tools to control the running workflows in the system and some vital mechanisms to allow workflows to be safely migrated during and upgrade.

Workflow template view/export

Can determine how many workflow process are running and using which templates iterations. Can also be export the templates and related code to allow the user to look for any potential execution problems.

Java syntax checker

Will check all java code, in all templates is syntactically correct.

Executing workflow syntax check utility...
latestonly true
ignoredisabled true
workflow name not specified

Starting checks
Introspection Runtime Mode = true
Checking template for Submit (Latest)
..Checking Expressions for Submit.....Done
..Checking templates for Submit
Checking template for Review (Latest)
..Checking Expressions for Review.....Done
..Checking templates for Review
Checking template for Variance Workflow (Latest)
..Checking Expressions for Variance Workflow...++++..Done
..Checking templates for Variance Workflow
Checking template for Bad workflow (Latest)
..Checking Expressions for Bad workflow...+
Item Name: Connector
=> ERROR: W:\ptc\windchill\temp\WfExpression16032.java:23: ';' expected
System.out.println("Syntax error here ===>>> ")...
1 error

..Checking templates for Bad workflow
Number of workflows & blocks processed 14
Number of workflows & blocks passed 13
Number of workflows & blocks failed 1

The following workflows have errors:
Bad workflow (Latest)

Java Code Externalization

A major problem when upgrading workflows is to upgrade the code that is contained within the workflows. Generally speaking it is usually better to develop the code outside the workflow in a controlled environment, one major (but not the only) reason is that upgrading the code is much easier. However at many clients there is often significant code developed within the workflows.

The tools has two main features

  • Compiling all code in all workflows and producing a syntax report
  • Extracting the code and placing it in externally compiled java files

This tools works by analyzing the code in the workflow and replacing it with an auto-generated external java class. It manages all types of code including the references to workflow variables and has a configurable mechanism to catch any exceptions making the final solution more robust than the original code.

Workflow Externalization Procedure

  • Pre-export syntax check
  • Export the workflows to be processed
  • Execute the externalization tool
  • Compile the new java code
  • Import the modified workflows
  • Post-import syntax check

A new version is planned to convert running workflows.

Latest News: Upgraded to 9.1.