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Wincom Watermarking


Wincom Watermarking for Windchill PDMLink™ adds the possibility to watermark dynamically to any PDF content held on the system (such as primary content, attachment, representation…) without any need to republish.

Current component version supports PDF, but It can be extended for other formats such as images.


  • Dynamic watermarking on demand
  • Watermark added as the file is downloaded/viewed
  • No background processing
  • Easy to configure to any requirement
  • No extra license required for PDF support
  • Install and ready to use in minutes


  • Editable layout, using a simple XML like syntax
  • Layout can integrate dynamic content such as time, user, state etc.
  • Watermark can be enabled per context and/or soft types
  • Watermarking logic is extensible, allowing to cover all your needs
  • Supports all the possible accesses including file vaults: No way for the user to bypass the watermarking