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Wincom Promote


Wincom Promote for Windchill PDMLink™ adds features to the out-of-the-box promotion user interface wizard. A major feature is the promotion validator, to check the data of the promotion conforms to your companies standards.


Any context or the entire system can be configured to use one or more validators. The validators are shown in an additional step on the wizard that checks the data selected, for example to prevent CAD Documents being promoted without the associated parts. There is a number of included validators but we can add more easily based on your requirements. A custom validator is included when you purchase this component.

The component also includes other useful workflow robots to help you build efficient workflow processes.

  • Simple to configure with preferences
  • Validates the promotions within a context e.g. product
  • A number of ready to use validators included
  • A custom validator is included in the standard price
  • Prevents clumsy click heavy workflow validations


The new validator screen

The new validator screen shown to user after the administrator has configured the promotion

Promotion Preferences

Product manager selecting the promotion validators required


Windchill® PDMLink™ 10.x

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