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Flexible Product Structure Browser


The Wincom Product Structure Browser is used to add a flexible product structure tree view to PDMLink™. It offers a simplier interface than the existing structure viewer and offers a better user experience, for example resizable columns, and a view tailored to the clients needs. This browser is based on standard WCA tables and, unlike the out-of-the-box implementation, is specifically designed to be extended to incorporate client specifications.




We offer this extension with a fixed price implementation package which can incorporate new actions, new client defined columns and specific expansion criteria.


  • Seamlessly integrated into PDMLink
  • Resizable and customizable columns
  • Standard or custom expansion criteria
  • Caching to ensure high performance
  • Includes CAD and normal documents
  • Adjustable to add many standard actions
  • Add to workspace, copy, add to baseline etc.
  • All actions can be disabled using profiles
  • Fully standard WCA UI

A typical implementation is 2-3 days development to adapt the interface to the client’s requirements