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Stage Gate Extension


A stage-gate model is a technique in which a (product, process, system) development process is divided into stages separated by gates.

Many companies are using this technique to manage their product development but ProjectLink™ does not provide any specific support for this business process.


BizGate provides a comprehensive extension to ProjectLink™ which seamlessly integrates into the out-of-the-box product to provide support for gates. We use many standard features but augment these with additional features including

  • New stage/gate UI showing percentage complete
  • Role base interface to setup and execute meetings
  • Improved deliverable management, including groups
  • Configurable UI to include risks, voting etc.
  • Complete baselined history of meetings and decisions
  • Plug and play architecture to allow client specific extensions

The system is based on our highly flexible XML UI system so the system configuration can be quickly tailored to the clients needs.

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