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Extended Options and Variants


PDMLink provides a very powerful Options and Variants feature, based on the Dynamic Design Link product, which is also known as a Product Configurator and provides a method of doing both Assemble to Order (ATO) and Design to Order (DTO). When working with clients using this feature we have added some extensions to these features that allow clients to optimise the usage of this tool. This approach is commonly called mass customization

  • BoM modification allowing the generation to update the variant BoM
  • Automated generation using parameter ranges

BoM modification 

This extension modifies the behaviour of the generation and following some simple rules will modify the variants in place of recreating them. For example when documents have been added, or non-driven IBA have been updated.

Automated generation

The purpose of this extension is to allow the simulataneous generations of mulitiple Variant Specification and their deliverables.
The system uses the standard out-of-the-box batch loading mechanism provided by PDMLink. This mechanism uses a template XML, produced from the Advanced Configurable Part (ACP) and the user will make manual modifications to various fields and load these new templates from a command line.

This procedure is complex, prone to error and time consuming. The aim of this extension is to provide an easy way to create a range of deliverables. This is done by automating the XML modification by using a user interface, this code uses the XML definition of the ACP to give it the information required to build a dynamic interface.

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