Debugging Windchill® servers with Netbeans

How to use Netbeans debugger when your code is running in the Windchill® Method Server? In order to specify that a debugger can be attached to the process, we need to add the following option to the Method Server Java command : -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,address=Port,suspend=y or n For this

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Virtual Machines and PDMLink™/ProjectLink™

What’s wrong with Virtual Machines? Nothing; you should be using Virtual Machines such as VMWare, they are especially useful for testing and demos but should not be used for development. When developing they are not a good idea. From a practical standpoint you need all the power

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Windchill UI development technologies

Contents Introduction The 90/10 rule and blackbox/whitebox abstractions A little history; Applets, Templates, DCA, JCA/WCA, Info*Engine Applets and template processing Info*Engine DCA – What went wrong? JCA aka WCA (Windchill Client Architecture) Other technologies; XSLT, Cognos etc. Conclusion Introduction Windchill is well over 10 years old. It

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Testing Windchill™ Custom Code

Windchill, which is the base of both PDMLink™ and ProjectLink™, is written in Java and most extensions/customizations are also written in Java. It is clearly very important to write high quality code and so it is important to test the code effectively. Introduction White box JUnit testing

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Creating a Windchill™ Ant script

Introduction This article is a tutorial taking the user through the steps necessary to create and run an Ant script for Windchill. Ant is a very useful tool to build source, but with some basic techniques shown here it can also be used to script a number

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First major delivery for Windchill™ Release 10

Update: Go Live! – We are now live, a PDMLink 10 system in full production. We have now completed our first R10 customization delivery (11 components) to an important European company. It  has been very challenging, and with some major changes in Windchill™ have meant that we

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