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Dynamic Logging window

The component console has been extended to support dynamic logging. This feature allows the system administrator to selectively activate logging on a specific component, which can be used in pre-production or production environments without the need to restart the system. The logging can be used to quickly identify the logic patterns behind the interface so that our support team can quick understand the reasons behind the actual behavior of  the system. Once the issue has been analysed the logging can be turned off so that the logs are not filled with unnecessary data.

Example Usage

If the component finds an error in execution it will add trace information automatically in the logs, however sometimes the behaviour is not a failure but may not be performing as expected perhaps dues to a setting or data issues. In this case the admin can set the logging of the component to “info” and execute the component in such a way as to exercise the feature that is under scrutiny.

In version 10 we can access the logs directly from the interface and if we search for the component name the error will be display. No access to server is require and no restart allow quick an efficient identification and correction of problem. Often issue are resolved but a preference or property change that can again be performed without a restart or any server downtime.