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In your company you probably hear this type of question: “Where are my changes?”, “What is taking so long?” or “What is holding up the process?”… and many people saying basically “I don’t want to understand Windchill, but I need the information it holds”. That’s why we created the External App Platform where your management area, your services, your external partners or whoever you decide can actually see all this information without having to dig into the Windchill complexity to find it. As every customer has unique needs and requirements, we brand and configure the platform exactly to your needs. We can configure as many Platforms as you require: your executive management will not need to access the same information as your external partners!

This is why the External App Platform (EAP) is a Service-as-a-Product: You get exactly what you need, but it is supported and maintained as a product would be.

The EAP has different modules that you can plugin. The first one is Data View: it allows you to visualize the information you need about changes, state, etc. in graphs and tabs in a very user friendly interface. Every single column, row, type of graph is entirely configurable, and the best part is that you can export all this information in different formats (.csv, .xls, .pdf) and with our report engine even produce a hard-copy report:


Through our second module, Search, you can navigate easily through your structures:


Portal, (our third module) allows you to have instance access to CAD and Part data, and to the 3D visualization. More are in progress, such as a new Workflow Visualization module:


Finally we can make modules built-to-order, to match exactly what you might need.

Our EAP is currently in production in many large, international manufacturing companies from different fields as Agroindustry, Defense and Furnishing.

Interested? Request an online demo or an evaluation copy here! And please take a look at our App Center.