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Web services : From and to Windchill®


Interaction between Windchill® and third party systems is often difficult, out-of-the-box integration cannot cover all specific needs that the client has and some form of customization is inevitable

Windchill web services

Our custom Java web services have many integration features that provide safe commication between systems, from simple queries to a complex structure creation. We can deliver fully portable clients that can run on different machines.

Moreover, we also provide support for third party web services integration, for example, making them callable from a standard Windchill® workflow.

We have sucessfully delivered webservices to aid with the integration of software tools and ticketing systems on R9 and R10.


  • Custom web service that allows parts/structure/document creation and query.
  • Custom web service that allows the creation of Problem Reports in Windchill® from a third party ticketing system.
  • Reverse integration to call remote webservers to transfer back Problem Report information to the ticketing system
  • Integration of software tools