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Wincom ERP Interface


Many clients want to connect their ERP to Windchill and using our custom components based on a proven architecture we can provide a solution. Windchill provides support for many sophisticated forms of inter-system communication. We are experienced in many of these techniques and have been involved in many projects to connect various systems to Windchill.

Case study Case Study 1 – Updating global distributed ECAD databases

This project was a complex integration where 26 downstream ECAD databases were updated using a complex set of rules. The connections were done via OCDB and the rules added as business logic into the Windchill system, an administrator interface was also add so the client could add and remove database at will. Features included logging, retries and queue based processing.

Case Study 2 – Bi-directional state update of CAD documents from ERP

A simple but effective utility to listen for state change actions and send data to a remote ERP system. It also included a simple mechanism for the ERP to update the Windchill system.