• Simple repeatable method to install
  • Install many version on the same machine
  • Manage multiple installation with one database instance
  • Manage the database, snapshots, importing etc.

This is a simple guide to install a Windchill system for developers. It is a well used method that is easy to follow and works. It is not to be used for any production system.

Installation Steps

  • Install and setup a database
  • Download and create a staging area
  • Install PDMLink™/ProjectLink™ etc.

Install and setup a database

If you do not have a database already available you will need to install it.

Windchill supports Oracle and SQL Server. You can use Oracle Express Edition XE which is free and very easy to install.

Please note cognos does not support Oracle XE

This guide will asume you use Oracle XE. One database can support many Windchill installations each will have a specifc user.

Install Oracle XE

You can use the standard settings, it is very quick to install unlike the full 10g or 11g. You can use these if you wish you can just select the standard settings.

You can download a version here

Create the Windchill tablespaces

Using sqlplus login as system and create the Windchill tablespaces using the following commands.

create tablespace blobs datafile ‘C:\oraclexe\oradata\XE\BLOBS.DBF’ size 200m;
create tablespace indx datafile ‘C:\oraclexe\oradata\XE\INDX.DBF’ size 1000m;
create tablespace wcaudit datafile ‘C:\oraclexe\oradata\XE\WCAUDIT.DBF’ size 1000m;

We set the initial size to quite small but you may want it to be larger, or put autoextend on. Clearly you may want to store the data somewhere else.

Create a db user for this installation

Create your user to be used by the install, you can find an easy to use script in any existing Windchill installation.

SQL> @c:\ptc\windchill\db\sql\create_user.sql

Select a good name for your user e.g. wind91mysystem and then select TEMP and USERS as the temporary and users tablespaces

You can let the install create your user but it will insist on a properly configured database e,g, multi character set, whereas developers may choose to install a basic database setup. Creating your own user avoids the install getting “fussy” about this.

Note that you can run many Windchill installations on the same database as long as they have different users.

Create a staging area

A staging area is a location on your hard disk where all the installation CDs are downloaded. They must retain their original (rather obtuse) directory names. You can have the more than one version in the same staging area. It should look something like this :

You can use a tool like download them all to get all the CDs

Run the Windchill installer

Next run the Windchill installer, select the 702 CD you want and execute the setup.vbs

Select the advanced option

Select your product, e.g. PDMLink, note you can install ProjectLink in addition later.

Chose the following options, we are going to use the database user created earlier

Note that if this is a second installation you can share the original Windchill Directory Server server and do not need to re-install it.

Choose the location to install

Note that we are using a fake subst drive w:, this allows us to swap between installation without changing the startup icons or IDE settings. However if you want to share the Directory Server you must first install on a real drive.

Select your data set

Note that the JCA examples “carambola” are hard coded to use the demo dataset.

Setup the webserver settings, make sure you do not have the port already used (skype is a favorite user of port 80).

Note that we are using a fake hostname “beauty.ptc.com” which is setup in our host file, we always use the same one so that we can copy databases and installation between machines
Sometimes port 80 is blocked, common causes of this are apache running and skype. If you are unsure use a utility such as netstat to check which process is using the port

Next is the database setup, note the user name we setup earlier

Now the Directory Server

Note that we have to have a different paths if we are sharing a common server

And now the password data, always create a new one as we have a unique LDAP path

And now select the staging area

The install should take between 30min and 2 hours.

Once complete you have a working Windchill system.

Possible Installation Problems

Alot of checks are done during the above entries but install can and do fail. Don’t panic, look at the logs and see what it says.

Here are some favorite reasons

  • Database is full – check the tablespaces
  • Port already in use – use netstat -a
  • Disk is full – free some space