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Go Virtual or Extinct

Now that human interaction will be limited for a while to come, how are business going to exhibit their products? Especially those with large and complex products, that customers took months to schedule business trips to see physically.

Another important cost and complexity is the organization of all the shows and fairs that companies relied on to get new business.

As countries across Europe are easing out of lockdown, businesses are planning for the new reality, which will primarily be a virtual one, if they are to keep the costs down and preserve efficiency.

Apart from the workforce layoff and demand collapse, companies have lost the opportunity to exhibit their products.

It will be a while before communications are restored, crowds are permitted to gather and worldwide fairs and expos reopen.

A number of companies have quickly reorganised themselves to switch online and restructured their strategy to hold virtual shows of their products.


Like Beneteau, for example – their virtual boat show came as a total success in substituting the annual live event in Florida, which had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, one of Wincom’s clients – a packaging equipment giant Comexi, moved all servicing of its products online, with the COOL Parts Ordering system.

Thanks to that, they have been able to continue carrying on with their business, with a major advantage against the competition.

Unlike real life, the choice of models to exhibit has no limit, which ensures even exposure of all products.

The solution we offered to Comexi works for any machine up to 100k parts and allows it to be used as a demo, incorporate it into an inventory or a sales system, and displays a high-precision virtual product down to the smallest bolt. This is a striking contrast with the rest of 3D modelling engines that provide a superficial view and are good for marketing purposes only.


Furthermore, unlike real life, the choice of models to exhibit has no limit, which ensures even exposure of all products.

In the end, it looks like the survival of the fittest is happening online.

Go virtual!