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Our Development Principles

We are first and foremost developers. We write high quality software, following are some principles that we think make us good developers.


Every development step is tracked and we provide complete transparency. Our customers have access to our issue tracking systems and we deliver the code written for our clients. We have full traceability and work in a highly disciplined manner ensuring every delivery we make is of the highest quality.


Whenever we do anything, from complex code algorithms to install scripts, the objective is not to be ‘clever’ but to be ‘intelligent’. A simple solution that works is better than using some fancy technology just because it is ‘cool’. We do use sophisticated techniques when needed (Ajax for example) but in a clear and simple way. We write code that normal people can read and understand. Complex problems can have simple solutions.

Quality Code

We write code. Most companies do not recognize the importance of high quality code and focus much more on design. We are constantly working to write beautiful source code. We see too much source code which is plain ‘ugly’. But what is beautiful code?

  • It just looks good – symmetrical, clean, simple.
  • Non-techies can read it (yes it is possible).
  • It is well decomposed, always less than 7 decisions per method.
  • It is well designed, the code shows the design behind it.
  • We are proud to show it to anyone.
  • A design is not a document but how the developers solve the problem.
  • Test and test again.

Windchill Developers

Code can never be bug free, but it can be high quality. We test using coverage tools that measure how much code was executed via testing, we always use a “fresh” tester who was not involved in the development of the code (can you proof read your own documents?). In the last 10 years we have developed a significant amount of code and the number of reported bugs is almost zero.


Technology is a tool; not an end in itself. We use sophisticated technology in the simplest way to achieve the best result.

  • Product Development Systems – Windchill™, ProjectLink™, PDMLink™, FlexPLM™, Pro/Intralink™ 9.x
  • Pure Web Standards e.g. HTML, XML, AJAX, JSTL, XSLT, SOA etc..
  • Windchill™ Standards e.g. JCA/WCA, Info*Engine
  • Java™ Enterprise Tools J2EE™, JSP, JMS, JSTL, JST etc.
  • Agile Professional Software Development
  • Clear simple designs, quality low complexity code and comprehensive testing using EMMA coverage.