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We have been working with Windchill for over 15 years, from this experience we now are capable of producing top quality components, with a low cost of ownership, quickly and efficiently.

We work closely with our clients, we consider ourselves as part of the team that the clients use to support there Windchill systems. We often work with on-site consultants, such as Accenture, to provide the technical expertise required to allow the client’s PLM to truly satisfy their requirements.

We have developed a unique working methodology that involves close contact with the consultants on-site and a very fast delivery service. We assist in identifying the requirement, quickly providing an example solution, work with the customer to verify it meets the requirement and then provide a tested production delivery. This often takes place in less than 2 weeks, providing the customer a mechanism to continuously improve their PLM and give rapid ROI.



We use state of the art tools, all improvements are fully tracked in our issue tracking system, each component is managed with source code control and detailed change tracking. We use a sophisticate build and delivery mechanism, ensuring quality software deliveries every time even with our rapid development methods.

We have active and successful projects that prove how this very agile way of working can be closely managed and provide fast and efficient PLM improvement with a low cost of ownership and an excellent return on investment.

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