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New task based mobile application delivered

New task based mobile application delivered

This demo is an example implementation of the new Wincom mobile platform. In this scenario the client had a requirement for a mobile based application to assist on-site service technicians to quickly and easily access drawings and documents. The interface is designed to be very task oriented and requires only limited training, so the technician simply has to enter the product number and then with a small number of interactions can navigate to the parts of interest. They immediately have access to the specific information they require without having to access a complex enterprise system. The interface is designed to be highly ergonomic, and implemented to be easy to use with a touch screen tablet interface.

The new Wincom mobile platform allow us to quickly create task based applications that run on any mobile platform unlocking access to PLM information for the extended enterprise.

Features include

  • Compatible with desktop, tablets…
  • No client installation required
  • Fast structure browsing
  • Quick access to information such as attributes, PDFs…


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Drive Mapping for Windchill™ prototype ready

Drive Mapping for Windchill™ prototype ready

Can we map Windchill as a standard network drive?

Can we allow the browsing of all the rich data held within my PDMLink™ system (File content of documents, CAD data, Attachments, Representations…) ?

Can we use navigation criterias to browse the data?

This requirement has been raised several times, and we have now a prototype allowing a fully controlled access to Windchill™ file data. Once installed this component allows Windchill™ to be mounted as if it was a simple network drive, the adminstrator can configure it to show whatever part of the system is required, for example a Product or Library (always respecting access control rules). This component uses the standard WebDav protocol.

This prototype supports mounting on Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows (Unix, Sparc and others are also supported). Note that this is true access to the file data, unlike the out-of-the-box DTI that only makes this information available via Windows Explorer, which means that the Operating System and any of it’s applications are aware of the files, making it perfect to build integration to third party applications.

For example, you could give your service teams access to all the latest released service manuals held within your PDMLink™ system.

Drive Mapping using WebDav

We are keen to have your feedback on this, and so if you would like to suggest features or requirements that you would have for this type of tool please let us know.