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New task based mobile application delivered

This demo is an example implementation of the new Wincom mobile platform. In this scenario the client had a requirement for a mobile based application to assist on-site service technicians to quickly and easily access drawings and documents. The interface is designed to be very task oriented

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Drive Mapping for Windchill™ prototype ready

Can we map Windchill as a standard network drive? Can we allow the browsing of all the rich data held within my PDMLink™ system (File content of documents, CAD data, Attachments, Representations…) ? Can we use navigation criterias to browse the data? This requirement has been raised several

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New Components Released

We are pleased to announce the release of two new components: Workflow Productivity CAD Direct Download Workflow Productivity Workflow is a very powerful part of Windchill that allows the system to be configured to support a wide range of business processes. It is however very complex to

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New Wincom website launched

Thanks to all involved in the launch of the new website, especially the web designers RWF. Over the next few months we will be adding more content to the site, including a range of new components that will substantial increase our current portfolio.

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PlanetPTC Live in Stuttgart 2011

We recently visited PlanetPTC Live in Stuttgart to find out the latest developments and news for Windchill®.  It was a very well attended show, with a lot of very interesting presentations. It is clearly aimed at the German market with many presentations in German, so it is a real

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First major delivery for Windchill™ Release 10

Update: Go Live! – We are now live, a PDMLink 10 system in full production. We have now completed our first R10 customization delivery (11 components) to an important European company. It  has been very challenging, and with some major changes in Windchill™ have meant that we

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