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Wincom CAD Identity


Wincom CAD Identity Component for Windchill® enables controls to ensure only valid CAD models are checked into PDMLink™ and manages part associations between many CAD documents and a single part.

CAD Identity Veto


The check in validator will disallow or allow the checkin based on various criteria. In some cases the validator will require the presence or absence of data within the same request, in other cases the validator will also look within the database of already checked in CAD data documents. The system uses configurable rules to determine “real” and “non-real” CAD documents.

The validator will fire one one of the following operations

  • Checkin from workspace
  • Save as
  • Rename

Example Rule Definitions

  • CAD Number must be a set length
  • A part and assembly cannot share base number
  • A drawing must have one and only one real model
  • All models associated with drawings must share the same base number
  • A drawing format number must start with specific characters

The part association on check-in automatically associates new CAD documents with their related part

  • Real non drawing documents : Owner links (Part may be created)
  • Non real non drawing documents : Content links (Part must exists and have owner link)
  • Drawings : Content links (Part must exists and have owner link


The key features of this component are as follows

  • Veto CAD checkin from the workspace or Creo
  • Allows custom Part to CAD associations
  • Delivered with custom built rules for your enterprise
  • Can verify CAD integrity e.g Drawing exists
  • Will verify existing CAD data within PDMLink
  • Configured in the server, no CAD tool configuration


Creo Check Veto



Windchill® PDMLink™ 10.x

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