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CAD Content Save Utility


PDF Generation

PDF Generation

CAD Content Save Utility for Windchill® PDMLink™ listens for a state change of a CAD document and if it is a specified state it will export the document as PDF and save this on the server file system. If the CAD document does not already have a PDF content it will send it the publish queue. Once published it will export the new PDF content.


The listener waits for an state change event and if the object is valid sends it to the export manager to be exported by the PDF converter. However if the object is not already published it is sent to the Windchill publish queue. To ensure the content is exported the publish success event is verified.

Following is the simplified process that will be executed from the state change event, the actions are processed in a queue with the background method server.

PDF Process Diagram

Note: The system has a check mechanism to prevent an loop in the event of a publish error. Only  5 loops per object per day are allowed.

Queue Management

The exports are all managed by a queue.


Windchill® PDMLink™ 9.1, 10.x

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