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Wincom Part Identity


Wincom Part Identity Component for Windchill® PDMLink™ enhances the part creation User Interface; it allows the name field and other fields to be allocated with the help of simple user interface tool, it also allows the user to view technical and visual information to aid them in selecting the correct inputs to create the part. It ensures that your company’s standards are followed when creating new parts in the Windchill® PDMLink™ system.


The core feature of this component is that new visual aids are added to the part create wizard. Also it includes management features to allow the administrators to configure the on-screen hints seen by the users.

  • Extends the part create interface
  • Configuration simple and dynamic
  • Driven by a simple XML document
  • Management tools to add Tech Sheets and Images
  • Attributes built from drop down lists
  • Designed to be adapted to the client’s requirements




Part Identity Component


Windchill® PDMLink™ 10.x

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