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We have extensive experience in the CAD domain, creating both custom and off-the-shelf components for our clients. We fully understand the relationships that exists between the CAD Documents and Parts, and within the CAD model itself. This allows use to produce, utilities and User Interfaces, that can extend the standard PDMLink system to understand the rules in place for how to manage CAD within your organization. A typical example is checkin vetos, to prevent invalid number, relationships etc. to enter your system; very quick and easy to implement, but may also include custom wizards for creating CAD documents.

CAD EngineSolutions

Our solutions are seemlessly integrated to allow checkin, from the Workgroup Manager or Creo itself. Many of our customer have similar requirements, such a phantom CAD parts or issues with family tables, and we have developed components that are generic to help manage these common needs.

Some of our migration tools show the depth of knowledge we have to allow us to structure even very complex CAD data.